Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rusty 'Junk Art'

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned before... I'm really into rusty things at the moment, love, love, love the textures and colours. Last week I went to the 'JunkYard' in Windsor NSW, this is an amazing place filled with everything imaginable - sinks, chairs, train carriages, old books etc. I came across this rusty cupcake tin and an idea popped into my head he he, I can fill it with all my favourite bits of jewellery, little doiles and pictures then fill each compartment with resin, well that same day I did it, Sherry Mendoza helped me with the resin as I haven't used it before and also made her own wonderful creation! Here are some pictures of the final piece, I must say I was very pleased how it turned out, even if I say so myself he he.

I have decided to donate this piece to an Auction for the victims of the devastating floods in Queensland, this auction Your Creative Journey Silent Auction for QLD Flood Victims it can be found on FaceBook, you're very welcome to bid or watch if you have a Facebook page. Fantastic work has been donated by many amazing artists and at the moment the organisers - Sherry Mendoza and Tracey Shenton have raised over $4000, WOW what a great effort and well done ladies!

I'll end this post with a few pictures of the JunkYard taken by Sherry Mendoza, enjoy!

Thanks for looking



  1. Looks great! I've found some real goodies there over the years. Gilly ox

  2. just back from hols & think this 'junk art' is sweet!!!!

  3. It's true man's junk is another's treasure . Stunning creation , Jane .


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