My Art Journal

Hi everyone,

I've decided to join this fantastic site Balzer Designs to help me keep a diary of my thoughts, techniques and inspiration (hopefully). I've been working on a special project for darkroom door for the last few days, the cardstock I was using as my mat left such a lovely creative mess that I decided to cover my journal with it, you know....if I had tried to create something like that it would not have worked out!!

I'm using a 6in x 8in watercolour paper book, so it should stand up to the many techniques that I have in mind.

So are you wondering what my darkroom door project looks like? well you'll have to wait for that he he, sorry, I will let you know :-)

Okay well that's the front and back cover done, now I MUST complete pages inside!!

Cheers and thanks for looking


  1. Looks absolutely stunning, i LOVE it!

  2. Looks Great. I love it!
    Have fun creating in it during the year

  3. This looks lovely...think I might join up...may help to keep me on task through 2011 with creative pursuits!!! - one of my promises to myself this year - have a lovely day, TK xx

  4. OMG Jane I love the birds nest!! And the colours of the art journal look stunning and and and I want to go to the little antique store...PMSL
    You are just way too clever my girl.
    Shaz xx

  5. Wow! What a fantastically gorgeous album cover!! I'm delighted that you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!

  6. Great album cover, I too have started an art journal and am really enjoying it:~) Thanks for sharing


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