Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rusty 'Junk Art'

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned before... I'm really into rusty things at the moment, love, love, love the textures and colours. Last week I went to the 'JunkYard' in Windsor NSW, this is an amazing place filled with everything imaginable - sinks, chairs, train carriages, old books etc. I came across this rusty cupcake tin and an idea popped into my head he he, I can fill it with all my favourite bits of jewellery, little doiles and pictures then fill each compartment with resin, well that same day I did it, Sherry Mendoza helped me with the resin as I haven't used it before and also made her own wonderful creation! Here are some pictures of the final piece, I must say I was very pleased how it turned out, even if I say so myself he he.

I have decided to donate this piece to an Auction for the victims of the devastating floods in Queensland, this auction Your Creative Journey Silent Auction for QLD Flood Victims it can be found on FaceBook, you're very welcome to bid or watch if you have a Facebook page. Fantastic work has been donated by many amazing artists and at the moment the organisers - Sherry Mendoza and Tracey Shenton have raised over $4000, WOW what a great effort and well done ladies!

I'll end this post with a few pictures of the JunkYard taken by Sherry Mendoza, enjoy!

Thanks for looking


Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Art Journal

Hi everyone,

I've decided to join this fantastic site Balzer Designs to help me keep a diary of my thoughts, techniques and inspiration (hopefully). I've been working on a special project for darkroom door for the last few days, the cardstock I was using as my mat left such a lovely creative mess that I decided to cover my journal with it, you know....if I had tried to create something like that it would not have worked out!!

I'm using a 6in x 8in watercolour paper book, so it should stand up to the many techniques that I have in mind.

So are you wondering what my darkroom door project looks like? well you'll have to wait for that he he, sorry, I will let you know :-)

Okay well that's the front and back cover done, now I MUST complete pages inside!!

Cheers and thanks for looking

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rusty Nests

Hi everyone,

Last Monday I had a wonderful creative day with my best friend Kim whom I've know for the last 31 years, YIKES that's right! We started our cardmaking together many years ago and still love getting together and creating. We don't get a chance to do this much now as Kim is always moving, at the moment she lives in Wodonga Vic. We both share a passion for birds and all things old, it's funny how we can be so many miles apart but our tastes are always in sync!

These are our rusty nests we made, hope you like them.

This is my creation

This is what the rusty tin and gold sequin bird looked like before we altered them. We sprayed the bird with Glimmermist tattered leather to antique it and also to tone down the brightness of the gold. The bird quote is a darkroom door stamp.

This is Kim's creation, isn't she clever!

Thanks for being a dear friend Kim, I look forward to our next catch up xx

More creations coming soon, yep I've been busy he he.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Antique Shop in Walcha

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

I've just come back from visiting my Dad in Glen Innes and my brother in Armidale for our Christmas get togethers, they're such lovely country towns.

As usual for the last nine years we stopped at Walcha NSW for our morning cuppas on our way home, needing to stretch my legs I decided to go for a little wonder around the town and stumbled upon this fantastic antique shop, OH MY GOSH it was filled with all sorts of wonderful treasures, why haven't I seen it before?

This is what I had time to grab, trust me... I could've filled up the car!! A rusty money tin - the lovely owner told me that unfortunately you won't be able to get the rust out, 'I love the rust, rustier the better' I said LOL, she threw in the rusty tin and a few other pieces! The circus tin grabbed my attention, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet. The little lamp is so cute isn't it, that I'm going to decorated with a few flowers I think, same with the other boxes and billy can.

This picture is only showing a third of the shop, you need at least three decent hours I reckon to hunt around properly! Oh the joy!!

Hence we will be stopping here longer from now on, much to my hubby and kids dislike. I will probably be known as the crazy lady who loves all the rusty stuff, maybe I should show them pictures on my next visit he he.

I shall be back tomorrow to show you some creations I have made, rusty ones!!

Jane xx

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