Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prima rusty teacup!

Hi everyone,

I went shopping at Fred The Needle in Penrith on Friday and spotted this rusty wire teacup (undecorated I should say, someone asked me if it came like this he he, no but I might make you one) . So it was love at first sight - I just had to have it and other goodies of course!
There are a lots of things I should be creating at the moment like - stuff for the magazine and for my classes, but I just had to get this idea out of my head!! It used a whole ball of green twine, but it's worth it don't you think he he.

I used Prima Raspberry Chic lily chopsticks and Shabby Chic morning poetry papers plus their flowers. Now, I'm no bird expert so the name 'The Black Redstart' is just what I liked the sound of, it's from a book titled Birds, Eggs and Nests.

Anyway I hope you like it, please leave a comment if you do, as I love reading them.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Creations coming soon!

Sorry everyone,

I have been creating but unfortunately I can't share it as it's for the magazine, you'll see it in three months LOL. But... I'm having a creative weekend and ideas are flooding my brain, yes I have one!! So stay tuned.

I've been in Brisbane again, this time at the Print Blocks 'Creative Block', what a fantastic event, I met so many lovely people and made so much!! The classes were awesome and the kits were unbelievable, just need to finish them LOL. I've also discovered that I'm not a very good student as I talk too much in class and don't pay attention, Oops!

Anyway back soon.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Vintage wares from Garage Sale!

Hi everyone,

My family and I had a lovely time at Shellharbour over the Easter break, it's such a relaxing and friendly place. I managed to go to some garage sales on Saturday and gathered some goodies, well you might think I'm mad but my brain was filling up with ideas when I saw these bits and pieces.

A box full of old ribbons for $5 the box- paper, plastic coated, printed and fabric, they're all so yummy and have fabulous old ages spots and stains on them!

I think I might alter this weather station, but I may check out how old it is first, I don't want to alter something if it's very old, what do you think? I just thought it was cute and it was only 50cents.

I saw an old wedding cake decoration similar to this one on someones blog not so long ago and thought how beautiful it was, so how lucky am I to get one! The flowers are made from wax, it's has stains and aged spots as well and I just love it. There were two little gold baskets that came with it that have cream mesh and fabric flowers on them, oh the ideas and all for 50cents as well!!
I think I may place a family vintage photo behind the cake decoration and add a beautiful verse, that might be my project for this weekend so stay tuned!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, thanks for visiting


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