My highlight of CHA Winter 2011

Hi everyone,

Well I decided to go to CHA in Los Angeles US at the very last minute thanks to some very heavy persuasion from my friends!! I have always wanted to go but always made excuses and said maybe next year or we haven't got enough money etc, but a friend said to me 'life is too short, just do it!' so I did!! LOL. I had an absolute ball, but the most wonderful thing for me was having a dream came true. I got to meet my idol of the cardmaking world 'Tim Holtz'. I know I sound like a teenager but I was over the moon with excitement meeting him, my friends will validate this he he. I had decided to take one of my magazines that featured my classroom feature using his Grungeboard product, teasingly I said I could sign it for him (tongue in cheek!). He was looking through the mag and said 'how cool' I was just blown away but wait... he then handed me his pen and asked me to sign it for real!! OMG!! Pick me up from the floor would you please? LOL. Anyway that was my highlight and I'm soooo happy! Here are some pictures of the special occasion in my life.

I got to meet so many talented people, I will share more posts, it may bore you to tears but for me it was an experience of a lifetime and I'm so happy I took the time and did it!!

Cheers and thanks for reading my dribbling LOL.


  1. that would have bee so much fun jane...

  2. oh wow what a fab experience Jane, good for you!! TK xx

  3. OMG!!! That is way too exciting! How did you stop yourself from just giggling like a crazy person the whole time?! LOL! What a great experience! Oh, and next time you go to CHA... take me please!!!

  4. How exciting - please bore us with more!

  5. How lucky were you !!
    So exciting .
    Can't wait to see more .

  6. What a great experience! I met Tim a few years back when he taught some classes at one of the stamping/crafting conventions in Brisbane. For such a well known and talented guy, he is so natural and decent.
    So now Tim can say...."I have an autograph from Jane Clark"!
    Well done you!


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