Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why I love all things old!

I went and visited my Dad last weekend in Glen Innes NSW, while I sat in his sitting room it suddenly came to me why I like old items - his place is full of them and I just love them all!! Dads place is like walking into a second hand antique shop, filled with wonderful, quirky nicnaks everywhere!! He really loves the colour red and has two of these stunning red chandeliers in his sitting room, most of the items in that room are red, it's such a happy colour. I thought I would share some photos with you which have sparked inspiration in me. I'm going to make a mini album for Dad with pictures of these wonderful pieces in it, maybe I should make one for me too!!

Back soon to share some creations!!


  1. Oh I just love the red chandelier - thanks so much for sharing. Gosh such a beautiful shade of red. Looking forward to seeing your album you make up too.

  2. I love your dad's collection of stuff Jane.


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