Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time to share some creations

Recently I had a day of creating whatever I liked and these are a few items I came up with. I am partial to vintage things and I have quite a collection of goodies at home, from jewelery, laces, ribbons, old rusty items etc.

Sorry about the photos quality, I will have to learn how to edit them a bit better, I'm computer eliterate I think!!

This is a bracelet I made using an assortment of charms and attched them to a Men's shirt band.

This is a shadow box I made from an ordinary glossy white boxed frame. The distressed look is from a mistake I made, I didn't like what I had coated it with and decided to scrap it away and this was the result, don't think I would be able to replicate it!!

I've seen a few old books lately that have had the centre of the pages cut away and objects placed inside, so I thought I would have a go. The chipboard is from TwiddleyBitz and I coated them with Mica Flakes for a vintage feel. The centre of the flower is a clip-on earring, I love using all these sorts of pieces.

I have a box of old rusty bits and pieces and half of the items in there I have no idea what they are LOL. I loved the shape of this silver drop shape, just backed it with text paper added a picture and wrapped some vintage ribbon around it. I have no idea what I'll do with it but it looks pretty he he.

Well I hope you like my creations, I'm having a play day tomorrow with some friends so I'm sure I'll have some more to share and a giveaway!!

Thanks for looking


  1. Lovely stuff! Hope you enjoy blogging here. I reeeeally like that frame, I may well borrow your idea...

  2. Beautiful looking blog jane! I'll pop you on my blog list!


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