Monday, May 29, 2017

Quick and easy way to create a doily serving tray

Hi everyone,

I've had this idea in my head for a very long time, I LOVE doilies and wanted a serving tray as well. As soon as I saw this picture frame, my idea came together!! This frame cost $14 from a discount store and the doilies I had collected over the years, no family heirlooms in this one
because they're all packed away.

The first thing I did was to remove the backing from the frame, it had a cardboard insert included, if your frame doesn't have one, then cut one out of cardboard so it's slightly smaller than the glass in the frame, this allows the doilies to be folded over the edges, I didn't want to cut the doilies!!

I arranged my doilies over the cardboard insert, let some overlap and show a sneak peek of some others. When I was happy with the arrangement I then secured the doilies in place using double-sided tape to the backs of them, I used acid-free tape so no discolouring will happen down the track. Fold the overlapping pieces of the doilies to the back of the cardboard and secure them in place with more tape.

Place the frame with the glass in it face down on your work area, pop the doily cardboard piece on top so the folded ends are facing you. Gently turn it over, be careful it doesn't fall apart because we haven't secured the piece in place yet, you just want to check that all the doilies are flat and sitting correctly, I had to add more tape to secure some of the edges of the more detailed doilies.

Once you are happy, add a sheet of thin cardstock over the back of the work to hide all the folded doily ends, twist the tabs in place to keep everything secure. The back may bulge a bit from the doilies edges, but it will sit flat when on the table. 

I was looking ages for ornate handles, but opted for these that I found in a hardware store, they serve the purpose well and since the frame is pretty ornate the simplicity of them go well. I just screwed these in, it was very easy as the frame is plastic and they were short screws and didn't go right through the frame!

Leaving the glass in the frame also helps protect the doilies.

I hope I have inspired you to make one, it's such a lovely way to preserve your mum's or granma's precious heirlooms.
Cheers and happy creating!
Miss Jane

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