My Studio!

I thought it's about time I showed off my studio on my blog! It's our double garage that I have converted to a creative studio, I'm sooo lucky to have it but it's also my job so it's great I can escape and create!! I have a passion for all things old as you can see and I'm really pleased in how it turned out! Most items are family heirlooms but some like the old typewriter I managed to pick up at a local junk yard for $30!! So this is what you see when you first walk in, I have covered the garage roller doors with long pieces of calico fabric that have been sewn together then I made a doily banner to hang at the top, I just love, love, love doilies and I'm very fortune that I have wonderful family and friend who feed my addiction!!
I purchased this old dilapidated screen door from the local junkyard as well, The peeled paint and tattered fly screen makes my heart happy!! I hung it up and use it to display all my pretties! The wicked baskets are filled with delighful chipboard pieces, 6x6 paper pads and flowers. You can just see underneath them are my shelves for all my A4 cardstock!
These are my work tables where I create, have friends over for craft days and where I teach. The chairs are padded and I have plenty of daylight globes which is wonderful! Sometimes these table are literally covered and nearly over flowing with just my mess!!
Okay this is my wooden stamp area and my work bench where I do most of my messy work, I seem to prefer to stand up when doing these things! I'm a visual person so I like to see my stamps and they look sooo pretty! Yes there are two rows of them on each shelf but I have been creating for 15 years now!
This picture show what I called my smorgesborg area, I have vintage glass bowls filled with resin pieces, cameos, Tim's Holtz bits and pieces, vintage jewelery etc, sometimes I just stand there and look and smile!! Love it!!
Okay that's just a taste, I will do another post with some more pictures soon!! I did say I'm a very lucky girl he he. Happy Stamping!! Jane


  1. Wow, Jane!!! Your studio is awesome!!!!! Would love to see it in real life one day :) Just wondering where our bed is, when we come to visit - haha!

  2. Beautiful studio Jane & yes you are a lucky girl.
    Cheers Di xo


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