Closing shop and creating a studio!

Hi everyone,

As many of you may know I have closed my shop, small as it was I just couldn't manage that, my job at the magazine and the many classes I teach elsewhere. It was a hard decision but one that had to be made, I will cherish the many friendships that came about from having the shop and I know I will keep in touch with all the ladies!!

I have just started redecorating the double garage to make way for my Creative Studio!! YAY!! A place just for me to create, play and enjoy!!

This is a photo of a morning tea I had a few months ago, just to give you an idea of colours and interior of the shop! The ladies present are (starting from the left) Robby, Jo, Bev, Lenore and Julie.

I do hope my studio will still be a place of fun and lots of get togethers with craft minded people, I'm sure it will!!

Will keep you updated, back to the painting for me!!



  1. Saw the pictures of your new studio Jane! Just gorgeous! You will love creating in there.
    Shelee :)

  2. I sure understand the tension of working full time, running an arts and craft business on the side, and blogging. Something has to give. I'm enjoying your beautiful blog and sending my kodos your way.


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