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Christmas Gifts to try!

Hi everyone

Yep...Christmas is just around the corner, YIKES!! how did that happen??! I am soooo not ready, looks like I'll be running around at the last minute in a state of frenzy once again!! Seriously though...I don't think I have EVER been this far behind, at least half of my family will be getting presents, but the rest.... well lets just say I had better buy lots of wine and lollies to make these gifts on Christmas eve he he.

This is a class I recently taught, you never know it may help you out as well for a last minute pressie.

The gift wine bottle is very easy to do. One handy hint is the have your bottle of wine/sauce/bubble bath in front of you so you can adjust the height and width.
I used cream card measuring 12x12in, scored vertically at 50mm intervals, measured 50mm down from the top and scored this horizontally, I cut triangles out of the top square sections then punch 1/4in holes in the tips. Scored 40mm up from the bottom then cut along the vertically folds for…