Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fairyland Paperweight

Hi everyone,

This is a present I made for my friend Sherry Mendoza for Christmas, it's a little diorama of a fairy sitting in a garden. It's a one of a kind as I haven't got another container like this, I can't tell you were I got it from sorry.

It was very hard for me to give it away as I'm very critical of my creations, but I was very happy how it turned out and I knew she would appreciate it and love it, that's the thrill of giving things away isn't it!

It's not very big as you can tell by the picture with the 50c piece in it.

Oh by the way.... Sherry absolutely love it!! Yeah!!

Sorry about the pictures, one day I'll get a better camera :-)

Thanks for looking


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT... thank you SO much it is in my 'pool room' xxx

  2. Oh that is totally gorgeous, lucky Sherry to be the loving owner too.

  3. Just so cute Jane. I'll bet Sherry loved it!

  4. Hi Jane - just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog - Icouldn't find an email address so popped over here and I'm so glad I did. Your blog is gorgeous and this diorama is just perfect! All the best for 2011

  5. Love this to bits! How gorgeous! xx


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