Toilet roll flowers!

Hi everyone,

Yes toilet rolls, you read that right LOL. I saw these in a delightful book by Sandra Evertson called Fanciful Paper Flowers and just had to make some. They're very easy, I demonstrated them for the 'make n take' at Stampabit last Saturday.

This is how I made them, not exactly to the book though LOL.

1. Trim the rolls to 10mm in thickness
2. Colour the outside with Brilliance moonlight white ink pad.
3. Spread PVA glue on cardstock to a size just larger than the toilet roll shaped petal.
4. Dab the toilet roll petal onto the PVA glue and place it on the correct side of your pattern paper (I used Prima Annalee Poetry). Let this dry.
5. When dry trim around the petals and arrange five of them together in a flower shape.
6. Add PVA glue where the petals touch each other and allow to dry once again.
7. Further decorate the centre with a piece of pink tulle, punch text flower and a small bunch of forget-me-not flowers.

I attached a large magnet at the back of mine, but you could attach a peg to clip in onto something or even attach to a project? Even make a hanging mobile with them. Don't you just love that you can see the bar-code inside the rolls, adds a real shabby effect don't you think LOL.

Hope you make one!



  1. oh these are cute as cute can be.....think I will give them a go - will let you know how I go!!

  2. These are really cool... now to find a smaller size roll to make some little ones :-)

  3. Where did y buy the forget-me-nots?


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